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I’m a puzzle solver, nitpicker, hole poker, pattern lover, bar raiser, mistake catcher, and perfection seeker. 
I’m trained in the fine arts but also have a deep appreciation for math and language. 
I expect a lot from myself and my coworkers; I always give honest feedback and hope for the same in return. I’ll defend my ideas but can also recognize a good suggestion when I hear it. 
I’m concise, candid, reliable, and realistic.

For eight and a half years, I lived in Brooklyn and Queens, until fall of 2021 when I moved upstate to the Greater Binghamton area. I now reside on a large remote property (with surprisingly good internet!) where I'm regularly greeted by deer, wild turkey, and the occasional fox. I couldn't be happier.
Outside of work, I like to spend my time crocheting, caring for my houseplant collection, and honing my skills as a novice skateboarder when opportunities arise.
I also work some weekends as a second shooter for my partner's wedding photography business, which, though exhausting, is always an incredibly rewarding experience.
You can reach me by email at michellekurzdesign@gmail.com
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